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Mumbai, Dt. 13: Investment projects worth 70 thousand crores were approved in the fourth meeting of the Cabinet Sub-Committee of the Industries Department chaired by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today to promote industrial development in Vidarbha, Marathwada, Nashik, Pune areas of the state. This will create about 55 thousand jobs. The state has a conducive environment for industrial investment and the state government has a policy of giving concessions to industries. On this occasion, the Chief Minister appealed to promote industrial growth with a positive attitude.


 Keeping in view the special needs of industries based on advanced technology, the Chief Minister Shri. Shinde did.


 The Cabinet Sub-Committee meeting of Industries Department was held today in the Ministry. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Industries Minister Uday Samant, Chief Secretary Manu Kumar Srivastava, Principal Secretary Industries Department Dr. Harshdeep Kamble, Principal Secretary, Finance Department O. P. Gupta, Principal Secretary Rajagopal Deora, Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Development Corporation Dr. Vipin Sharma, Industrial Development Commissioner Dipendra Singh Kushwaha and others were present.




 In accordance with the various demands of the industrial units in the state, considering the recommendations made earlier by the committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, a detailed discussion was held regarding the incentive subsidy and other demands of these industrial units. In this meeting, the cabinet sub-committee has taken major decisions today to promote large industries based on new technology and also in the underdeveloped areas of the state and also to provide large amount of employment from these industries.



 Cabinet Sub Committee has approved for construction of 3 major projects in Naxal affected districts like Gadchiroli and Chandrapur in Vidarbha. 20 thousand crore investment based on green technology. Nuera Cleantech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This component includes coal gasification project (green hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and urea etc.) at Chandrapur. This will help the industry in Chandrapur district by investing heavily. Along with employment generation, this area will contribute to social and economic development.


 According to the electronic vehicle policy of the country and the state, the first project of Mahindra Electric Vehicle Automobiles with an investment of ten thousand crores in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing in the country will be started in Pune. Through this, there will be foreign investment in high technology based components in the state, prototypes will be made in technology, research and development in Pune along with Volkswagen. Due to this, IP (Intellectual property) is being created in the state regarding electric vehicle manufacturing, and its scope will be “Made in Maharashtra”. The project will create a large number of allied industries in the surrounding area.        


May in Gadchiroli district. Lloyd Metals Energy Ltd. The cabinet sub-committee approved the establishment of a steel production project through mineral extraction and processing of this component and a total investment of 20 thousand crores. It will help in large-scale development in Naxal-affected areas like Gadchiroli and employment generation along with necessary industrial growth in that context. May in Gadchiroli district. Varad Ferro Alloy was also approved for the company’s 1520 crore investment project. The establishment of new industries in Gadchiroli district will be strengthened and the growth of new industries in the industrial sector will be helped in this area. In order to promote the growth of the textile industry in Amravati and Nagpur regions, Indorama Company’s subsidiaries have been approved for their projects worth 2500 crores. As a result, Amravati and Nagpur will emerge as major areas in the textile industry.


 In this meeting approved Nipro Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. This company is a component Clear Glass Tubing under Pharmaceutical Glass Tubing Production based on new technology in Pune district. For manufacturing Dark Amber Glass Tubing, Syringe & Cartridge Tubing in two phases Rs. 1650 crore will be invested. Employment generation will be available to 2000 people directly and indirectly. At present these products are imported, this type of industry is going to be started for the first time in Maharashtra.


 4206 crore proposed investment of Reliance Life Science Nashik Company has been approved. This company is involved in Plaza Protein, Vaccine and Gene Therapy etc. The project is going to be an import alternative project to manufacture life saving medicines. Along with these main projects, along with other projects, an investment of 70,000 crores and around 55,000 jobs will be created in the state.


By Dakhal News Bharat

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